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Since 2007.09.18

- R4 Revolution for DS -
 ■What is R4DS?
 >>> "R4DS Kantan(Simply) Manual" original site (Japanese)
 Majikon and is a generic name for a tool to read, write, suck out (ROM) data of game software.
I have the main goal to etymology a "magic computer" was born in the NES era, in preparation for the event of accident data by copying the game on hand, you want to back up.
 "R4DS" is the carts for the Nintendo DS as its name. (Non-ROM sucked out of a unit)
You can start through (micro SD) card microSD, the ROM on hand that you prepared in advance.
R4DS is also compatible with further video and music playback, it will say exactly what a new generation of carts.
 This site has been created with the purpose intended for beginners, which it will illustrate the main thorough carts strongest Nintendo DS, a technique for using the beat (Revolution for DS) R4DS.
 Various settings of the R4 is not too difficult. Okay Even if you gave up along with a high threshold.
Since worked to a brief description as possible, please try to do my best to reference this manual!
 # Because do not comment about the suction method of the ROM in this site, please refer to the other site.
 ■Things to Do in R4DS
 *You can start the data that was backed up (microSD card) cartridge only!
 *In the Nintendo DS, NES, SNES, Game Boy emulator, such as moves!
 *In the Nintendo DS, listen to music, video and seen PV, and images such as photos and YouTube!
 *You can customize the personality of the operation screen wallpaper and icons, from at least several thousand skins theme!
 *Even without the need for a separate and action replay, you can use the code modification of the game with only R4!

 *R4DS(R4 Revolution for DS) official site
 *R4DS(R4 Revolution for DS) mirror site

 ■ A fixture of R4DS trainer
 *Do not ask an illegal question
 *Examine what do not understand thoroughly in "Google"
 *Do translation of an overseas site and examine it
 *Anyway, examine it till understand it
 *The site that is not connected waits patiently till it revives
 *Doubt one's skill before doubting a product and software
 *Make an effort to further skill up
 ■ An immunity from responsibility matter
 About the act that they refer to the information of this site, and was taken, we shall bear no responsibility.

 I prohibit an image mentioned in this site and a part of the information or all the reproduction without permission.

 The download of ROM is illegal. back up one's game on hand by all means, and please use it.
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 In this site, a link is free. The communication is unnecessary, too. Please let me know in the case of the mutual link hope.

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