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 - Rival of R4DS? About DSTT(TTDS) -

 ■ Introduction of DSTT
 At the end of 2007, the rival that R4DS was strong was born in China.

 "Next R4DS, innovation of the usability", judging from a catch copy named the is shin by hostility full exposure


 ■ Product contents of DSTT(TTDS)
 (1)DSTT cartridge
 (2)DSTT cartridge case
 (3)SDHC microSD USB card reader

 ■ Characteristic of DSTT(TTDS)
 * Slot1 type for exclusive use of NDS/NDS Lite
 * PassKey, Flashme all unnecessary
 * Support a clean ROM and am conversion software-free
 * SDHC correspondence(Macroscale to 32GB at the maximum)
 * Distinguish it automatically, and a list of saves is a save type-free
 * Just use the save data of R4(A change to sav of the small letter is necessary in SAV of the extension)
 * Support the Moonshell deployment and can enjoy MP3 or the animation, too
 * Support FAT16 and FAT32 directly
 * It is with a cheat function(The early period of ActionReplay cord deployment)
 * Support Japanese indication
 * A plain menu, super simple touch pen operation
 * Support a skin change
 * Soft reset correspondence
 * Support a download play
 * Support four phases of brightness adjustment

 * DSTT official site
 * DSTT Japan site
 * The purchase of DSTT

 Will the difference with R4DS be correspondence to "the SDHC microSD card" (microSD standards more than 4GB in capacity)
 If there are 2GB, normal is enough, but is glad of the SDHC correspondence in the one where want to pack with an animation and music in large quantities.
 There is the some sense of incongruity, but it is a point to cope with Japanese by default.
 As I declare "more than R4", operate it with the screen which easy to watch comfortably and very look good.
 Because common, and ROM and save data, the emulator are almost usable with R4, in the one with the interest, have it.
 But the beginner in particular thinks that the operation which chose R4 in convenience, abundance of the information is passable.
 (Actually can misappropriate information for R4 and most of the software. As for DSTT group, thank you in this site!)

 The selling price seems to be a little lower than R4. Will you become the popular item as you overtake R4 as expected?

 Because the maker checks the information such as a certain bulletin 2chanel BBS, let's expect it for further version up.

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