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- Enjoy Music in Revolution for DS -

 ■ Listen to Music in R4DS - MoonShell
 A splendid multimedia player called "MoonShell" is put on R4DS as standard equipment.
 Author of "MoonShell" is Japanese one what. I will use it gratefully.
 The file that "MoonShell" is reproduction indication possibility is as follows.
 * Movies - cope with the reproduction of the DPG file(DPG cannot revitalize AVI or MPEG unless encode it)
 * Musics - cope with the reproduction of the MP3 WAV MID file(give a non-response in WMA)
 * images - cope with the indication of the JPEG BMP PNG GIF TEXT file

 ■ Usage of MoonShell
 Because it is bundled with a kernel of R4, I do not usually have any problem with that one.
 (1)"Music" makes a folder properly and puts music (MP3) that I want to listen to and copies it to a microSD card.
 (2)choose multimedia player "MoonShell" of the middle among a main screen of R4DS and start.
 (3)appoint the folder which I put a music file in and play music.

 * Infantile Paralysiser - A site of MoonShell author
 * This knows a lot about usage of MoonShell or the change method of the skin. [Google]
 Because, in MoonShell, it cuts not only the music but also an movies and an image (a photograph), the text file by indication reproduction,
 For example, I put a map and carry it and read comics comics / a novel and can confirm documents.
 It is easy to take the screen big than a mobile telephone and thinks that it is it in a terrible, convenient tool depending on a device.

 ■ Apple iPod like music player- LMP-ng
 If it listens to music in R4DS, it is reason answering the purpose "only in MoonShell" of the normal deployment enough, but,
 Because there is a peculiar music player, I want to introduce it.
 This "LMP-ng" is a player looking just like Apple iPod of the extreme popularity according to the appearance; (for exclusive use of the music).
 As for the function, the touch wheel which is the characteristic of iPod is reproduced wonderfully although being simple.
 Unfortunately I do not cope with Japanese indication or the reproduction of the animation, but am satisfied very much personally.
 It was made fun with "poor men's iPod" to a friend of iPod touch carrier, but seemed to be slightly enviable

 ■ Setting method of LMP-ng (It is a procedure same as a patch method of "nesDS"
 (1)From"LMP-ng official site"download Apple iPod like music player "lmp-ng-1.xx.zip".
 (2)guess a DLDI patch right defrost it, and to be usable in R4DS in "lmp-ng-1.xx.nds".
  ※ "DLDI" is a driver to move it seriously in the media such as internal organs flash memory and SD of Kon, CF.
 (3)From"Chishm's Website"download."dlditool-win32-gui.zip"and"r4tf.dldi".

 (4)Defrost a zip file and start "dlditool32.exe".



 (5)Read DLDI file "r4tf.dldi" which I downloaded together in the point of "DLDI File".
 (6)Appoint file "lmp-ng-1.xx.nds" to patch in "Binaries" next.

 (7)Push the "Patch" button, and it is patch completion safely if an upper screen appears.
 (8)Player "LMP-ng" which looked just like Apple iPod came to be usable in R4DS in this.
 (9)Let's copy "lmp-ng-1.xx.nds" in microSD. (The file name may change it properly)
 (10)Rename music (MP3) that I want to listen to in DS to a half size alphanumeric character and copy it to a microSD card together.
   ※ Use about around 80MB capacity per one piece of album. Let's manage it in a suitable folder in a mass.

 (11)Start R4DS and start "lmp-ng-1.xx.nds" from "Game".
 (12)Read music from "SONG" and play it. I can listen to music without making sleep even if I close the main body.
 >>> "Enjoy an Movies in R4DS!"

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