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 - Skin change method of Revolution for DS -

 ■ Skin theme(icon / wall paper) change method of R4DS
 It is how to change skin (theme icon / wall paper) of R4DS.

 Change it into a design of the oneself preference with much effort and will customize it individually.
 ■ Change method of the skin (theme icon / wall paper)
 (1)From the distribution site of the R4 skin theme, I download a favorite skin theme and defrost it.
 (2)Overwrite with the next file in microSD and replace a theme file.
 (3)Devote myself in "theme01 - theme12" in the "_system_" folder →" themes folder and exchange it.
  ※ Store skin of greatest 12. The original skin is equivalent to a calendar of each month.
  *logo.bmp - Image on the R4DS Maine screen
  *icons.bmp - Image under the R4DS Maine screen
  *bckgrd_1.bmp - Image on the R4DS sub screen
  *bckgrd_2.bmp - Image under the R4DS sub screen
  *gbaframe.bmp - Frame image at the time of the Game Boy Advance start(There is it in the case of non-collecting)
  *theme.ini - The preference of each theme


 (4)Will start R4 in DS. A theme is replaced whenever I push the select button with a main screen.
 In addition, the "themes" folder which stored away skin in the latest R4 kernel is not included.
 This is consideration to prevent it from overwriting the "themes" folder which changed the contents with much effort by mistake.
 When a folder is not found, do you copy a "themes" folder from a kernel in the CD attached to R4DS
 Make "themes "→" theme01 - theme12" in a "_system_" folder newly, and let's put suitable skin.

 ■ Skin themes distribution site for R4DS
 *NDSthemes - The largest company. There are various categories such as a game / music / an animated cartoon and can choose you from several thousand kinds.
 *mavisxp.com - An overseas site. It is troublesome to look for the kind although there is much it.
 *NDS R4 SKIN UPLOAD BBS - The bulletin board which Japanese R4 users
 *NDS no soshitsu - It is distributed material for skin of "R4DS""DSLINK"
 ■ Download skin themes method of the "NDSthemes"
 (1)Free to choose you from several thousand kinds! Access largest skin theme distribution site "NDSthemes".
 (2)Click "R4DS/M3DS Simply" from a menu of the left.
 (3)Anime,Computers,Comics,Games chooses the skin which I want to download from various categories.

   Or input the keyword which I want to look for into a search box and can search it.
 (4)Screen is replaced, and the image of the full size is considered to click orange "DOWNLOAD".
 (5)For "Human Check", input a certification cord and push lower "DOWNLOAD" (I OK blue / red either).
 (6)In addition, come by a download save because a screen is replaced when I push the orange "DOWNLOAD" button.
 (7)Defrost the file which I downloaded and will replace a skin themein the folder.
 ■ Making of the original skin oneself
 It is the theme skin which there is innumerable on a net, but will create one which cannot be satisfied with an existing thing by myself!
 The photographs of the pet anything suffers from material from favorite actor / actress / artist comics animated cartoon.
 ■ The making procedure of my own theme (skin icon / wall paper)
 (1)Because I made the template of the skin theme,download it, and please defrost it.
 (2)Based on the following files from the contents which I defrosted and make it.
   "logo.bmp" - Image on the R4 Maine screen(W256xH192)
   "icons.bmp" - Image under the R4 Maine screen(W256xH192)
   "bckgrd_1.bmp" - Image on the R4 sub screen(W256xH192)
   "bckgrd_2.bmp" - Image under the R4 sub screen(W256xH192)
   "theme.ini" - The preference of each theme

 (3)To the model of each template, edit a favorite image. (Image editing software required)
   It opens a template image that it is the easiest, and it is a method it sticks the image which prepared for the top, and to reduce expansion.
   ※ It is not necessary to always follow icon indication area in each template file.
     Because that easy to watch it if meet it and make it, at first will make it freely.

 (4)Save each picture file in a BitMap form (24bit). Please do not change a file name then.
 (5)Download "R4SkinTool" for the ini file making of the theme that made. [Google]
 (6)Appoint a folder with the picture file which process it some time ago and edited and read it.
 (7)Customize the color of a letter displayed in right button group or a background color at the time of the choice freely.
 (8)If all setting is over, choose "the ini file save" and generate an ini file.
 (9)Take a change method of the skin into account, and please replace the contents of the "themes" folder in microSD.

 In addition, introduce a skin theme editor for R4 made in foreign countries.
 Because "Microsoft.NET Framework Version 2.0" are need, please install it in movement earlier.

 ・NDS Theme Editor - After access, a download link appears in the lower left when I wait for dozens of seconds.

 In "NDS Theme Editor", I click the point that want to edit and customize it.
 Use it and compare it with "R4SkinTool", and please employ a favorite editor.

 The bottom is the skin which the manager of theKRAFTWERK fan made properly. It is occupied cherished machine crimson / black.

 >>> "Cheat and remodeling code of R4DS"

As for the link to this site, please freely.
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