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 ■ Play R4DS with cheat (remodeling cord)
 Speaking of a remodeling cord, and I am unrivaled level 99, fund MAX are "professional action replaies" knowing so (PAR)!

 > The professional action replay product introduction from this page
 It is a joke. If it is R4DS, there is not at all such a need do it, and to purchase. (not usable in R4DS)
 A collection of cheat (remodeling cord) is attached to R4DS how from a beginning! True R4 is the best!

 * "Official Action Replay List"

 ■ How to use cheat cord
 (1)When there is a cheat code corresponding to the ROM, a button called "cheat(Y)" is released to a choice screen.

 (2)Or a Y button of NDS touches it and advances to the cheat screen.

 (3)Level 99 or fund MAX choose the cord which they want to use with an A button with an upper screen (possible plural choice).
 (4)Please confirm that a lower screen is displayed with "cheat OFF". (It is easy to make a mistake in Coco)
   ※ Because it is to become "OFF" when push this button, it is a state of "ON" now. complexed.
 (5)In spite of "the save & end", I save a state of the cord choice and steal out of a cheat screen.

 (6)The cord which I chose if start a game should be reflected.
   ※ There is a threat that the remodeling causes a delay in the progress of the game. In addition, I remodel it, and let's stop communicating.
 ■ A cancellation method of cheat (remodeling cord)
 (1)choose "all cancellation" with a cheat screen, and a cancellation state is saved if push "the save & end".

 ■ The latest game supports immediately, too! obtain a collection of more cheat・ remodeling cords
 (1)Volunteers are shown gratis. will use it gratefully. [Google]

 (2)Download latest "usrcheat.dat" from the above site and defrost it.

 (3)Copy "usrcheat.dat" in a "_system_" folder of the microSD card.
 (4)Delete cheat code data "CHEAT.DAT" of the R4 formula that there is in a "_system_" folder.

   ※ The reason is because it prevents that a cover reads it, and "CHEAT.DAT" is considered to be "usrcheat.dat".
 (5)How to use cheat remodeling cord is totally same as.
 ■ Capacity of the ROM - R4DS ROM Trimmer
 Can put more ROMs in a microSD card by cutting the capacity of the nds file.
 (1)At first, from "R4DS official site",download "R4DS ROM Trimmer" (Record it in an attached CD)
   Because there is the explanation (English) of detailed how to use, will take a look.
 (2)Read ROM (.nds) whom want to trim from "Input Filename".
 (3)The ROM who was trimmed when push "Start" is made. 50% capacity at the maximum is cut depending on ROM.
 ※ There seems to be the software that movement becomes unstable in by trimming it.

 Other trim application - NDS Rom Chopper [Google] 
 ■List of games with image of the NDS - OfflineList
 It is easy to look on an image very much, and there is the renaming function of the ROM, and "OfflineList" to introduce here is recommended.
 (1)From "OfflineList official site" download "OfflineList.zip".
 (2)From "ADVANsCEne" download "ADVANsCEne_NDS.zip".
 (3)Drag & drop of "ADVANsCEne_NDS.zip" in a "data" folder of "OfflineList" which defrosted.


 (4)Start "OfflineList.exe".
 (5)Choose "Japanese" among menu "Language".
 (6)Pull-down of the left of the screen lower left "DAT" and choose "ADVANsCEne_NDS" which I added in (3).

 (7)Carry out "update" from a menu "tool" and download a picture file of the software.

   This work considerably takes time. (I am usable without the image, but let's do DL by all means because I am tasteless)
 (8)Will try several times to update it in the latest edition till update is not possible.
 >>> "Rival of R4DS? - DSTT"

As for the link to this site, please freely.
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