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- Enjoys a Game in R4 Revolution for DS -

 ■ Read an NDS file in R4DS
 ■ The viewpoint of the Game choice screen (It is a screen after the Japanization)
 (1)ROM and an emulator, the player who want to play choose a nds file
 (2)Brightness adjustment - I can coordinate brightness (brightness) of the screen with an L button
 (3)Reset ON/OFF - Reset functions when I push the ABXYLR button with an R button at the time of change green
   Because I reset it during a game of DS and can return to a main screen of R4, I do not switch it off
 (4)Start a file with an A button displaying the information of a nds file choosing now
 (5)It is displayed now when there is acheat code (a remodeling cord) corresponding to ROM choosing
 ※ Please do not push the X button with this screen. I may delete a nds file by mistake.
 Return to a main screen of R4DS when I push the START button of the main body of DS with this screen.
 Indication contents are replaced in order of "Games "→" eBook "→" Save "→" Files" when they push the SELECT button.
 * Games - Display only an NDS file and a folder
 * eBook - Display only an eBook file and a folder
 * Save - Display only an SAV file and a folder
 * Files - Display all files and a folder
 At the time of a game and the first time start of the emulator (an NDS file), I am asked about whether I make a save file.
 "Yes, a save file (.SAV) is made in a microSD card when I choose" (Yes).
 The information of the save in the game and the interruption save is stored in an SAV file at any time.
 A PC can back up the SAV file (save data).


 ■ Nintendo(NES) in R4DS - nesDS
 In Nintendo emulator for DS, EMU where movement is the most stable is "nesDS".
 Do not cope with Japanese indication, but all ROMs do not almost have any problem and can play.
 (various setting and ROM names do not support Japanese.) but the game itself is Japanese


 ■ Nintendo(NES) in R4DS - Preparations
 (1)From"nesDS official site"download Nintendo emulator "nesDS.nds"for DS.
 (2)"nesDS.nds" with a DLDI patch to be usable in R4DS next.
  ※ "DLDI" is a driver to move it seriously in the media such as internal organs flash memory and SD of Kon, CF.
 (3)From"Chishm's Website"download "dlditool-win32-gui.zip"and"r4tf.dldi".

 (4)Defrost a zip file and start "dlditool32.exe".



 (5)Read DLDI file "r4tf.dldi" which I downloaded together in the point of "DLDI File".
 (6)Appoint file "nesDS.nds" to patch in "Binaries" next.

 (7)Push the "Patch" button, and it is patch completion safely if an upper screen appears.
 (8)Nintendo emulator "nesDS" came to be usable in R4DS in this.
 (9)Let's copy "nesDS.nds" in microSD. (The file name may change it properly)
 (10)Rename ROM (nes) of Nintendo to a half size alphanumeric character and copy it to a microSD card together.
  ※ Be in "NES" suitable folder in a mass, and the ROM which I renamed will copy it in microSD.

    The game ROM of Nintendo(NES) spends at all only a little less than 20MB in 100 of them because capacity is small.
 ■ Nintendo in R4DS - Practice
 (1)Start "nesDS.nds" in R4DS.
 (2)An ROM (.nes) of Nintendo appoints a certain folder and chooses the game that wants to be idle.
 (3)Touch a lower screen before beginning a game and call a setting screen of nesDS.
 (4)When an A button becomes the blaze, I push "the B+A change" of the lower left, and let's cut a blaze.

 (5)Change a game on the way if I choose "Load ROM" among a File menu.

  *Enable - Change controller 1 and 2
  *B+A change - Change the placement of the button
  *L+R enabled(disabled) - Choose ON/OFF of the function of L / the R button
  *L button - Rewind the state of the game(For example, and rewind it before being the bullet of the enemy super convenience!)
  *R button - Forward the state of the game
  *Reset - Reset a game

  *Lock - Make a designated button be in a state Locke (keep on pushing it)
  *Exit - Leave operation and do a blackout of a lower screen

   Basically just use it and do not have any problem. I adjust it to the cases that a letter is hard to read appropriately.

  *Blend Type - Choose the type between the assistant of the game screen
  *α-lerp - linear interpolation(An assistant linear shape interval)
  *Flicker - Flicker, and is it prevention?
  *None - There is no assistant interval
  *Load ROM - It is changed a return game by a choice screen of the ROM's
  *Save state - Save the state of the current game(not disappear even if switch it off)
  *Load state - Load a state of "Save state"
  *Save SRAM - Output an SAV file

 ■ Super Nintendo(SNES) in R4DS - SNEmulDS
 Developing, as for Super Nintendo emulator for DS, stability does not work much software for the moment.
 The emulator that movement rate is the highest in some a certain Super Nintendo EMU is "SNEmulDS".
 Coped with Japanese (only as for the katakana) in the latest edition. Let's expect it for future further version up.


 ■ Super Nintendo(SNES) in R4DS
 (1)At first "SNES "("" makes a folder by the name of unnecessary ).
  ※ Please acquire the name of the folder with "SNES" by all means. Choice of the ROM is not possible by the other names.
 (2)From"SNEmulDS official site"download emulator "SNEmulDSv06a.zip".
 (3)Defrost it and copy "SNEmulDS.nds" to a microSD card.
 (4)Put an ROM (.smc) in an "SNES" folder and copy it in microSD.

 (5)Advance from screen left "Game" of R4DS and start "SNEmulDS.nds".
 (6)Choose ROM (.smc) among "ROM sentaku" and start the game which wants to be idle.
 Under the present conditions, there are many ROMs which cannot start, and indication and sound are not precocious despite perfection even if they can start.
 If how many times more or version up advances, I think that it is it in the one of the emulators which are indispensable to DS.
 Software finished with operation check of SNEmulDS detailed information from this place [Google]

 ■ GAMEBOY(GB,GBC) in R4DS - Lameboy
 It is ancestor portable game machine Game Boy to give glory to the last of the Nin ten dough Legacy emulator trilogy.
 Improved version "Tayst" of DSBoy is famous, but introduces high "Lameboy" of the completeness more this time.

 And perfection is almost stable and can play plasticities of indication / movement speed / the sound of the screen.
 ■ GAMEBOY & GAMEBOY color in R4DS
 (1)Download Game Boy emulator"Lameboy DS-0.9.zip".
 (2)Defrost it and copy "lameboy.nds" in microSD. The name may change it properly.
 (3)Name "GB" to be easy to manage it and make a folder and enter and copy ROM in microSD.
 (4)Advance from screen left "Game" of R4DS and start "lameboy.nds".
 (5)An ROM's (.gb .gbc) appoints a certain folder and chooses the game that wants to be idle.
 ■ An operation method of Lameboy
  *X button - Save the state of the game(An SAV file is generated)
  *Y button - Change it in a full-screen mode
  *L button - The fast mode(A double speed game)
  *L+R button - It is changed a return game by a choice screen of the ROM

 ■ GAMEBOY ADVANCE(GBA) in R4DS - EZ flash-V 3in1 Expansion Pack
 Cannot play with the R4 simple substance, but introduce an emulator for DS of the Game Boy advance because it is an occasion.
 It is necessary to prepare the following expansion packs to play ROM of GAMEBOY ADVANCE.
 * EZ flash-V 3in1 Expansion Pack official site  >>> Purchase of the product
 (1)From"Rudolph blog"download GBA emulator "3in1 Expansion Pack Tool".
 (2)Defrost it and copy "3in1_ExpPack_Tool.nds" to a microSD card.
 (3)Name "GBA" to be easy to manage it and make a folder and enter and copy ROM in microSD.

 (4)Insert "EZ flash-V 3in1 Expansion Pack" in the GBA accessory slot of the main body of DS Lite.
 (5)Advance from screen left "Game" of R4DS and start "3in1_ExpPack_Tool.nds".
 (6)ROM's (.gba) appoints a certain folder and chooses the game that wants to be idle.
 ※ ROM is same as a CD and DVD, too. back up a thing owned by a self, and let's enjoy it!

 >>> "Enjoy a Game in R4DS part.2"

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